ABEX – abstract existentialism (or expressionism or just ex, your ex maybe donno)


Abex the artist is such a god’s fool .

He abstracts from all this shit, well, war, porn, global warming.

Through art, of course.

Why he doesn’t draw horses or boobs?

But only spots and lines, well, because the evil hand will not get in there, into rhythm and rhyme of empty and full spaces.

Abex are acid, it dissolves any meaning, any lust.

Due to its low polygonal structure, of course.

Let’s give the word to the artist:

“I draw would not kill.

In order not to steal, I write the pictures.

On these canvases nothing is represented at all,

I am an artist that would be completely neutral and useless in society,

I can not be drafted into the army, no one can sell me goods,

I’m an abex, a quintessence of meaninglessness.

These canvases could have portraits of the leaders,

but now there are just color, understand?

I could vote for the Communists, but I’m an abex and my voice can not be used, it’s already used.

I’m used.

When death comes for me, what she will take? Absolute nothing. Abex is immortality here and now.”

Specifically, this text is not an abex, so fuck it.



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now you an abex artist ok